2021 NFL Playoff Predictions

After a very weird and unusual NFL season the likes of which we have never seen, we finally made it to playoffs. This time of year for football fans is always an exciting time of the year as we see the best of the best go against each other and fight for one of the biggest trophies in sports. It’s been a tough road and journey for all teams with new obstacles to face a.k.a COVID-19 but we made it so lets get into our playoff prediction starting with the NFC games.

NFC Wild card round:

(6) Rams vs (3 )Seahawks,

It is always a good matchup when you get division facing off against each other for a 3rd time in the season but this matchup may be different from the previous two. The last time these teams played Rams QB Jared Goff suffered a fractured thumb on which he had to have surgery so his availability for this game is in question. Either way if Gofff does or doesn’t play I think the outcome will fall in favor for the Seahawks. Russell Wilson is a different animal in the playoffs and the Seattle defense has played better as of the last couple weeks and DK Metcalf has emerged as a WR Russell never had in his career. Although the rams defense is no slouch ranking #1 in the NFL i think whoever lineups at QB will be the reason this team losses specially if Goff cant play.

Final prediction: Rams 14, Seahawks 24

(5) Buccaneers vs (4) Washington

What a season it has been for 43 year old Tom brady after coming over from the patriots brady has thrown for 4633 yards and 40 touchdowns to lead the Bucs to a 11-5 record the the NFL 7th best offense. The Bucs defense was also very impressive this year with the improved play of the secondary and the steady solid play of there front seven. Speaking of defenses Washington’s was also one of the best in the league with the help of rookie Chase Young and the rest of that young pass rush. But also not to be forgotten is the amazing comeback story of Alex smith who is 4-1 as the starter for Washington and rookie RB Antonio Gibson had a awesome year with 11 Tds along with there #1 WR Terry McLaurin. Either way i think this Bucs team is better in almost all aspects and they will come out on top.

Final prediction: Buccaneers 30, Washington 13

(7) Bears vs (2) Saints

These two matched up early in the season with the saints coming out on top in a overtime game but I think this game might be a whole lot different. the bears had Nick Foles under center at the time now the Bears are lining up Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky has played ok as of late good enough for the Bears to reconsider bringing him back for another year but the bears running game and weak schedule to end the season is the only reason why this team locked up the final playoff spot in the NFC. As for the saints another fantastic year for there team wining the division finishing 12-4 while facing injury problems all year. With injuries to Michael Thomas and Drew Brees throughout the season the Saints still managed to finish as one of the best teams in football thanks to the coaching of sean payton and there incredible defense. With all that being said i don’t believe the bears have enough fire power to keep up with the saints as the go for a super bowl run with what could be Drew Brees’s last year.

Final prediction: Bears 10, Saints 34

AFC Wild card round:

(7) Colts vs (2) Bills

Wooow have both these teams exceeded there expectations this year. First of lets start with the bills. After making the playoffs last year the bills have played fantastic this year and a lot of that has to do with the improvement of Josh Allen. With the acquisition this past offseason of Stefon Diggs him and Josh Allen have become one of the NFL’s most deadlist Duos and hs lead the Bills to one of the best offenses in the league. Although there defense has regressed from last year they still have the veteran leadership of Tredavious White, Jordan Poyer, and Micah Hyde. Now the colts have been a surprise team this year finishing 11-5 with the help of the phenomenal defense helped with there big offseason acquisition Deforest Buckner and a strong draft class. Speaking of that strong draft class Jonathan Taylor has been maybe the best rookie RB this season. Jonathan had a very slow start to the season but has heat up at the most important part of the season and with a veteran QB who has had plenty of playoff experience. But at the end of the day the Bills offense is on fire and I think the Colts can only contain them for so long so i will be giving this one to the Bills

Final prediction: Colts 21, Bills 30

(5) Ravens vs (4) Titans

A rematch of last years upset win for the Titans is now schedule for the playoff once again and it should not disappoint. The Titans who have been lead by the latest RB to join the 2K yard rushing club Derrick Henry have been nothing less than impressive this season. Ryan Tannehill who has continued his hot QB play from last year also joins Henry in leading one of the best offenses in the league and they are looking to get back to the AFC championship game. Now the Ravens who at points this season have struggled have now come alive at the perfect time. Reigning MVP Lamar Jackson did rush for another 1k yards this season buty has struggled throwing the ball this year and it has held the Ravens offense back at times. But there defense has been awesome only allowing 18.9 points per game and there rushing defense has improved. This game will be interesting to watch cause if they cant stop the run like last year and the time they faced off earlier then they are in for a long day but I do believe the Ravens get it done in a very close game.

Final prediction: Ravens 27, Titans 24

(6) Browns vs (3) Steelers

Are the Steelers contender or pretenders? thats been the question all year long and has been the question as of late. Now don’t get me wrong the Steelers are a very good team they have all the pieces to make a run. They have the great defense, the offense, the coaching, and the pedigree. But when it comes time to play under the lights against another good team or even a bad team they fold. But they face a very familiar opponent in the Browns. The Browns had that season that everyone expected them to have last year. Even missing star WR Odell Beckham Jr. for the season since week 7 and missing Nick Chubb for 5 weeks in the middle of the season this Browns team have continued to rack up wins thanks to there amazing running game the improved play of Baker Mayfield and there stout defense lead by Myles Garrett. But at the end of the day the Steelers have the experience of the playoffs on there side and thats who i will give this win to

Final prediction: Browns 24, Steelers 28

NFC Divisional round:

(3) Seahawks vs (2) Saints

Lets start off with this matchup the battle of the undersized QBs. Now that as previously stated we got the news that this might be Drew Brees’s last season i do believe Sean Payton and the saints will give there all to get Drew his 2nd ring but is there all enough? I believe so the seahawks have had a phenomenal but there defense has been the down fall for them all season and i think that will be the reason for the loss in the 2nd round. Drew, Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas and company get the job done in a shootout.

Final Predictions: Seahawks 31, Saints 35

(5) Buccaneers vs (1) Packers

Since we didn’t get to talk about the Packers lets take a moment to talk about them. Aaron Rodgers man is this guy special after a “disappointing” season last year and the Packers going out and drafting his future replacement Jordan Love, Aaron has had one of his best season of his career passing for 4,299 yards, 48 TDs, only 5 INTs, and a completion percentage of 70.7% all that most likely leading to a MVP trophy. Now as for the person catching them passes Davante Adams proved to be in my opinion the best WR this posting 115 catches, 1374 yards, and 18 TDs. All of these is not even including the seasons Robert Tonyan, Aaron Jones had and there defense improving in all spots. Now back to the game this is going to be a playoff matchup to remember two of the greatest QBs of all time facing off against each other. Although the first match up did not go the way the Packers thought it would early in the season i think a lot has changed since then and yea the loss of David Bakhtiari might affect the rest of there season i think the packer come out with a win over Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in what I also predict will be another shootout.

Final prediction: Buccaneers 38, Packers 42

AFC Divisional round:

(3) Steelers vs (2) Bills

The last time these teams played in week 14 the Steelers had a sloppy game and the Bills took advantage of it. I don’t think the Steelers will be as sloppy with the ball but i do think the matchup to watch this game will be the Bills offense vs the Steelers defense. If the steelers can limit the Bills offensive possessions and force a turnover or two i think they can win this game. But i don’t see that happening i believe it will be a close game until the 4th quarter and the bills will come out on top.

Final prediction: Steelers 21, Bills 35

(5) Ravens vs (1) Chiefs

This matchup in the playoffs will be a treat for all. Before we get into my prediction lets show some love to the defending champions Kansas City Chiefs. Nothing short of phenomenal the Chiefs where this season as they where the last two led by Patrick Mahomes the chiefs finished with a record of 14-2. They return to the playoffs with a almost a identical roster as they did last year this team should be very competitive. But back to my prediction I think the Chiefs offense is way too much for the ravens to handle as they showed in there matchup this season and the previous time they have played together.

Final prediction: Ravens 24, Chiefs 34

NFC and AFC Championship:

(2) Saints vs (1) Packers

A week 3 matchup that was one by the Green Bay Packers will be your NFC Championship game in my opinion. Brees vs Rodgers in another classic battle but with a opportunity to play in the years biggest game. What will for sure be a instant classic will rely on the better offense and and can make that one stop and I Believe that the Packers will be the team to come out with the victory sending Drew Brees home in what could be his final game

Final prediction: Saints 31, Packers 34

(2) Bills, (1) Chiefs

Two prolific offenses with big armed QBs but who will finish with the win. What this game will come down to is if the Bills defense can get multiple stops because if they can there offense can easily keep up with the chiefs and make it a great ball game. But unfortunately for the Bills the Chiefs will be too much for them. I think the Chiefs have the coaching advantage, the offensive weapons, and the playoff experience to overcome the Bills but this game will not disappoint.

Final prediction: Bills 24, Chiefs 31

Super Bowl 55:

(1) Packers vs (1) Chiefs

Chiefs vs Packer, Rodgers vs Mahomes what more could you ask for in a super bowl matchup. 2 of the greatest talents at the QB position that we will see fight for football’s biggest prize. This game is full of stars but as they have been all season both offenses will be on full display. a interesting matchup to see will be how the Packers will choose to cover Travis Kelce cause i think he will be the difference maker. In what will be a game to remember i have the Kansas City Chiefs winning it all and being the first back to back champions since the 2004 and 2005 New England Patriots.

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