My First Anime Experience

After what’s been months, maybe even year of telling myself I would never watch an anime, the day has finally come. My first choice of anime to watch was Tokyo Ghoul, which was a very interesting choice for my first anime. I personally like the darker and more gruesome shows. So, “What made me want to start watching anime”, you may ask? Honestly, I was scrolling through Twitter one day, and came upon a picture of the main character from Tokyo Ghoul. I thought the way he looked with his mask on was really sick and, it made me interested in the show. It probably isn’t the best reason to watch a show, but if I’m going to be watching something new, I want it to be appealing. This is how anyone would be. After I saw that picture, I was curious about the show so I decided to look it up. As I was reading it, I thought it was a fascinating idea, and I had to check it out. That’s not the only reason. My co-host Steve was always telling me to check out any anime, and I trust his opinion. That was a factor, but also some of my favorite rappers rap about them in their music. They would always make anime references, and I love some of their styles and other things so that was also a factor.

This show definitely caught me off guard at first. I had an idea of what I was watching, but was still surprised on how fast it became gory right off the bat. I truly enjoyed it. There was night where I watched 5 episodes in one sitting cause it had me so interested. I have to say, there were points throughout watching where I would question myself on why I was watching it. I was thinking to myself, “What the hell am I watching?”. I did like the main character of the show, Kaneki. He goes through a struggle through out the entire show as he now has to deal with the fact that he is half Ghoul, and half human. He was trying to keep the thought out of his mind of eating other human beings even though that’s what he must do in order to survive his new life style. Something I didn’t like about the show was how gory it would get sometimes. Also, how weird some of the characters were acting or designed. One example would be Kureo Mado. He threw me off a little bit every time he would show up on screen, but was a main point of the season.

With all that being said, I would say I had a really good experience watching my first anime. The show was a good, and I enjoyed myself watching it. The real question is, “Do I see myself watching any other animes in the future?”. I say yes. I believe it’s good to watch and do new things that you have never done before. Everyone should try to get out of their comfort zone. That is how you find out who you really are and what you really like. So for anyone out there reading this and questioning whether they should start a anime or not, I say absolutely yes.

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