Welcome ladies and gentleman to a new weekly article we will be bringing you. To give you all a quick rundown, each week one of your writers here on Outcast Island will take one shoe and rank their favorite colorways, collabs, and designs top 10 style. This will be rotated weekly, but you will get all of the writers opinion on some of there favorites. For the first week, I will be getting into a classic shoe the Air Jordan 1. So without further ado lets begin.

10. Air Jordan 1 retro “Royal” 2017

Originally released in 1985, the Jordan 1 “Royal” was one of the most popular shoes released by the brand. Also, it is known to be one of Michael Jordan’s favorite colorways of this show. It is also one of the Og colors of the Jordan 1. Like I said in my “Fragment” ranking, I like them better, but I still love this shoe. All in all, I feel like it would be disrespectful to leave this shoe off of my top 10 list.

9. Air Jordan 1 retro “Top 3” 2016

Releasing in 2016, the “Top 3” has to be one of my favorites shoes recently released. What is there not to love about this shoe? It is a combination of three of the best OG colorways of all time (“Bred/Banned”, “Chicago”, and “Royal”). That’s what makes this shoe one of a kind. I like when brands combine shoes. Especially Jordan. However, it has to be done right, and i’ll tell you this shoe was done right.

8. Off-White x Jordan 1 retro “Chicago” 2017

Famed designer and creator of Off-White, Virgil Abloh, created a collection back in 2017. He remixed versions of different types of Nike and Jordan shoes. This shoe in particular might have been the most sought after shoe in the collection because of it’s a remixed version of the “Chicago” 1s. What I love most about this shoe is the almost unfinished look, and the quality of the shoe. This shoe could potentially be a lot higher on my list, but I didn’t want two similar shoes ranked to close to each other.

7. Fragment Design x Jordan 1 retro high 2014

Yet another collab coming in at the #7 spot. Hiroshi Fujiwara, designer and creator of Fragment Design, created this shoe back in 2014. It is a mix of two classic Jordans, the “Black-Toe” and “Royal Blue’. You cant go wrong with a classic blue and black colorway, and in my opinion this shoe is better the the “Royal Blue”. Not only because of the hype, but I just like the way this shoe looks more.

6. Dior x Jordan 1 retro high 2020

To celebrate this silhouettes 35th anniversary, Jordan collaborated with Dior to make one of the most sought after shoes of 2020. Another shoe with a simple but great look. This shoe had a very expensive retail price coming in at $2188. This made it the most expensive retail priced Jordan 1 high. What I love about this shoe is the color. I am more into the simple colors, and of course the dior print inside the Nike swoosh. This shoe will be unobtainable for someone like me but still is a great shoe.

5. Air Jordan 1 retro “Shadow” 2018

Another OG and classic colorway the “Shadow”, originally releasing in 1985, and later retro released in 2018. It’s a shoe that has a very simple black and light grey colorway. That just screams perfect shoe. This is another shoe that can be worn with any outfit. Just like the Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” colorway, the “Shadow” is one of my favorite color patterns. This is a shoe you can’t go wrong with and, hopefully will be in my shoe collection one day. That is why it rounds out my top 5.

4. Travis Scott x Jordan 1 retro high 2019

This might be my inner fanboy and hypebeast coming out of me, but the Travis Scott collab has to be one of the coolest shoes I have ever seen. Releasing in May of 2019, this shoe was one of the most hyped up releases for a shoe in a while and deservedly so. From its coffee bean brown color to the unique backwards swoosh, this shoe can be worn with almost any outfit, and in my eyes will go down as a classic.

3. Air Jordan 1 retro “Shattered Backboard” 2015

This shoe was released in 2015, and is known for its awesome leather quality and the story behind the shoe. Back in 1985 ,on a Nike Europe tour, Michael Jordan was playing in a exhibition game. In that game, Jordan went on to throw down a monstrous dunk causing the backboard to shatter. This was all while wearing an orange, black, and white uniform. This shoe is very unique in its own way, and like most Jordans, it has a great story and a beautiful color.

2. Air Jordan 1 retro “UNC” 2015

What is there to say about this colorway other than talking about its beauty. Releasing in 1985, but obviously never worn on court, this colorway was released to pay homage to Michael Jordan’s alma mater, The University of North Carolina. With its baby blue and white colors. this shoe will stand out on the feet of whoever wears it. This shoe is in my personally collection so it does get some brownie points. Nevertheless, it is an amazing shoe and deserves the #2 spot.

  1. Air Jordan 1 retro “Chicago” 2015

Coming in at #1 has to be the first ever Air Jordan 1s, the “Chicago”. Debuting on court November 17, 1984, then re-releasing in 2015, this was the first Jordan to be worn and is a classic colorway. I personally love a good red, black, and white colorway. That and the history behind this shoe is why it’s number one for me.

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