Sneak of the Week: Vans

In this version of Sneak of the Week, I will be covering a cheap and common shoe, the Vans. This was originally a skating shoe, but recently, I see them being worn more casually. This is my favorite brand of sneakers I wear. They come for less than one hundred dollars per pair; making them affordable for anyone. There is an incredible selection of color ways and collaborations. I have so much love for these shoes because my dad used to wear them all the time. I love his style so I try to replicate and carry it on. There is no other shoe I wanted to rank for for my first Sneak of the Week.

10. Vans Authentic

Plimsolls VANS - Authentic VN-0 EE3BLK Black - Sneakers - Low shoes -  Women's shoes |

This is the first Van ever released so I had to add it to my list. It is the classic silhouette that has been seen for years. There are so many different color ways and designs that make it easy to wear with anything. They have been worn with shorts, pants, and even to work out. They are a great all purpose shoe. My dad loved them because he could wear them on roofs, and he would never slide because of the grip. There is too much history behind this shoe for it to not be on my top 10. This was my first Van so of course it made the list.

9. Vans Old Skool

Old Skool | Shop Shoes At Vans

This is another very classic shoe that you will see on every street corner in a city. The Old Skool was released in 1977, and was the first skate shoe to incorporate leather panels.. It is just the low top version of #10. I like this shoe a lot more than the high version. High tops aren’t my thing. This shoe also has hundreds of colors and designs that come with it. This is one of the main shoes used for collaborations. I have this shoe in many different color ways. It is my go to for many occasions. My favorites are yellow, red, and the classic black.

8. Vans x Tribe Called Quest

r/Sneakers - Bonita Applebum, you gotta put me on
Credit u/IdlyLaborious on Reddit for the image

These shoes are so cool for so many reasons. To begin, they are a collaboration with one of the best rap groups of all time. Each shoe was named after a different song by a Tribe Called Quest. My favorites are the Bonita Applebums. The tan color way can go with absolutely anything. There is also a yellow pair for those with a more exciting style. The shoe laces are what make all of these shoes so cool. It could be my favorite accessory to any shoe. They are wax laces that have lyrics on them. I have never seen anything like this before.

7. Vans x Supreme

Supreme x Authentic Pro 'Checkered Black' - Vans - VN000Q0DJLW | GOAT

I really love this Vans x Supreme collaboration. It takes the classic checker board, but they add the slight bit of flair with the Supreme logos. I would not call myself a hype beast, but I do like supreme. I have a few hats and that is about it. I like this shoe because it is subtle and can be worn with any outfit.

6. Vans x Simpsons

Men's shoes Vans Old Skool (The Simpsons) The Bouviers

I have just been recently introduced to this shoe, but I am in love with it. I love wild shoes. I love that they used a carpet material to fill in their hair. I think that is so unique. I do not think many people could pull off this shoe, but I definitely could. The whole collaboration with Simpsons was fun and creative.

5. Vans x Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary

Disney x Vans Authentic | Shop At Vans

I was gifted these shoes for Christmas two years ago, and it is the shoe that I receive the most compliments on. I wanted them for when I was going to Disney. They worked perfectly. I even received compliments while I was in Disney. There were so many people who had never seen them before. It was really great. I love how it shows every version of Mickey Mouse since the creation. The cream canvas mixing with the colors really makes them easy to wear with a lot of outfits.

4. Vans Yacht Club

Vans Yacht Club Old Skool | Shop Classic Shoes At Vans

Seeing these shoes as number four on my list is even surprising to me. I love these shoes so much because of the colors. They are bright and work so well with each other. I loved these shoes for a while before I bought them. I am a 10.5-11 depending on the shoe. I was at the Vans store at a mall near me. I was admiring them when an associate asked me if he could get me them in my size. I had assumed they were sold out in all normal sizes. He came back with the last pair in a size 10. I had to get them, even though they were a tad bit small. Since then, they have been on of my favorites that I own.

3. Vans x Save Our Planet

Save Our Planet X Vans Era | Shop Classic Shoes At Vans

These are my favorite shoes that I own. The other two ranked higher, I do not have. I love the map on these shoes. The light blue surrounded by all the colors is so amazing to me. I am pretty sure buying these donated some sort of money to a charity that helps with pollution. I feel like I made a difference getting these. Also, they are so awesome. I have never seen another person wearing them. They are so unique, and people really have to be confident to wear something like this.

2. Vans x Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak x Vans Old Skool "Soulito" & "Ziti" | HYPEBEAST
Via hype

The shoe I am putting at number two is in the center of the picture. I have been infatuated with these since they were released. I love the Easter purple. I also love the seems going down the shoe. They are just such a Chris shoe. I really like the pair to the far right. They are both so distinct. Anderson .Paak did an amazing job working with Vans. He is such a down to earth and cool guy that these just fit him so well. His music is groovy just like the shoes.

  1. Vans x David Bowie
Vans David Bowie Sneaker Collection 2019 | POPSUGAR Fashion

I do not see any shoe passing this one any time soon. They may be my favorite shoe of any brand. I am not a big David Bowie fan, but these shoes are so cool. They are a shiny leather type material that is combined with a nice blue and red. I think those three colors together are really clean. I want these shoes so badly. I would wear them every single day. They seem like such a flex. I think what I like most is that they are created based off of his album. The colors make it look retro but new. They will likely be the next shoe in my collection. That would be adding to my collection of 30+ shoes.

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