Favorite Video Game Series Part 1

I think it’s safe to say that every guy around my age has either played or fell in love with video games. Whether you played video games for fun, or to just get away from whatever problem you had that day video games where always there, and there where always plenty of option to choose from. You had sports games, you had racing games, you had shooting games there are just so many options that I could be here forever listing them. In this list I have for you guys today I want to go through some of my personal favorite video game series in what will be a part 1 of a two part article. So sit back, relax and enjoy.


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If you couldn’t tell already us here at Outcast Island love Pokémon. Now I know Pokémon is not everyone’s favorite video game series ever but these games are classics. I just remember like it was yesterday playing Pokémon Ruby on my Gameboy Advance. I remember having to hand the game to my mom so she can play it for me cause I didn’t care if I beat the game, I just wanted to have the strongest Pokémon I could have. Now lets set things straight I might have been anywhere between the ages of 5-7 so don’t judge me. The nostalgia of just turning on a older Pokémon game or even a newer one is unmatched. But the games weren’t just on Gameboys or DS’s, they were also on the Nintendo 64 and GameCube. Of course I’m talking about Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Colosseum two more classic games I remember playing. These games just bring back so many great memories, and I cant praise them enough, I will always have love for anything Pokémon.

Madden NFL

I really didn’t start to fall in love with football until around the year 2007, and I think that Madden 07 had a huge impact on my love for the game. Madden in general has impacted my love for football and a way that I couldn’t even explain. Playing Madden 07 and 08 on my GameCube were some of the best days of my life. I would start up a franchise turn off salary cap and get all of my favorite players on one team, then I would play on the easiest difficulty and crush teams by 100.

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Madden has definitely gotten bad over these past years but just like Pokémon it gives me such good nostalgia. One of my favorite Madden’s and what could possibly be the last good Madden is Madden 12. The main reason why I would say this one in particular was my favorite was because of Ultimate team, the online game mode that might be the reason Madden has seen such a drop in quality. But growing up and even now Madden was really the only licensed football game I had to play, and me being the huge football fan I am I will always buy the game no matter how bad they get.

Need For Speed

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As will be the case with a lot of the games series’ on this list, Need For Speed bring back a lot of good times and memories. I will always remember in the summer time when we had no school, my uncle would come over our house and stay extended periods of time, and almost every night we would stay up late and play video games together. These games in particular were the ones we had the most fun with. I’ve always been a Fast and Furious fan and so was he, so we would literally stay up until the early morning and try to customize cars to look like the ones exactly in the movies. My favorite part was customizing the cars and still to this day I love doing that exact thing. Some of my favorite games from Need For Speed are Need for Speed: Underground , Need for Speed: Underground 2, and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Those games will always be my favorite games, and even though I haven’t played any of the recent games, this franchise will always go down as one of my favorites of all time.


As a huge sports fan, it would be disrespectful to leave off NBA 2K series off my list. I personally didn’t start playing 2K until NBA 2K11 because before that I was all about NBA Live. That was a huge mistake on my part because I’ve enjoyed 2K every year since I started playing. My favorite recent released NBA 2k16 and NBA 2k17. What makes 2K so good in my opinion is the MyCareer game mode.

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2k’s career modes have and will always be the superior career game modes out of all the sports games. Some of my best nights were spent getting on 2k16 grinding my MyCareer, and playing in the Rec center or the Pro-Am arena. I don’t think anything can compete with 2k basketball as far as gameplay is concerned, and I also believe that if 2k started making football games again they would probably be better then Madden. 2k has done a great job over the years and will most likely continue to do a great job.

Call Of Duty

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What a classic series Call of Duty has been. Call of Duty has produced some of my favorite games of all time, Black Ops 2, Modern Warfare 2, and Black Ops 3 just to name a few. In my opinion I enjoy Call of Duty’s multiplayer the most out of all the games I could list. Yeah, they have had a few years where they have missed on their multiplayer mode, but a majority of the time they have been solid and very enjoyable. Another favorite game mode of mine has to be zombies. I’ve been enjoying zombies a lot in the newest Call of Duty, COD Cold War. COD will always be a go-to game for me when playing with my friends.

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