Bet of the Day: Super Bowl Edition

Mike’s Picks:

We have a big card coming for you guys today with our favorite picks! Lets get it started.

  1. Chiefs -3 -113: I think the Chiefs win today and cover. Tom Brady has been turning the ball over a decent amount and against the Chiefs you just can’t do that. Chiefs offense is just going to be a handful for the very good Bucs defense.
  2. Tails -103: Tails never fails baby! Let’s get it.
  3. Leonard Fournette TD +125: Playoff Lenny is going to get a TD in this game. I just have a pretty solid feeling on it.
  4. Gronk and Kelce to score a TD +315 (DK): I really like this both players to score a TD prop. I think this is going to be a pretty high scoring game today. Kelce is almost a lock in my opinion, but Gronk is going to be the one that is iffy.
  5. Pat Mahomes 300+ yards and the win +135 (DK): I love this bet. I think Mahomes is going to feast today. Really love the value on it as well.
  6. Rob Gronkowski over 2.5 receptions -112: Tom’s definetly going to hit “Ol’ Reliable” for a few receptions today I believe. I think think this is a great value bet.
  7. Tyrek Hill MVP +1100: +1100 for a guy that could easily go for 2 TD’s and a bunch of yards and catches is great value. I wouldn’t go huge on this, but a 10$ bet to win 110$ is fantastic value for this guy.
  8. Tom Brady over 0.5 rushing yards +105: Basically betting on the fact there will be a down and inches and Brady keeps it for the first.
  9. Tom Brady under 295.5 yards -106: My gut is telling me the under here. He’s only had over this amount in 1 of the playoff games. The Chiefs defense also only gave up 287 yards to Josh Allen last week.
  10. Leonard Fournette over 11.5 rushing attempts -112: The only way to beat the Chiefs is to keep Mahomes off the field. How do you do that? Quick completions and a lot of runs. I think we see this rather than the Bucs trying to go blow for blow with them.

Chris’s Picks:

All of my picks come from Fan Duel Sports Book

  1. Chiefs -3 -110. I have a hard time betting against Brady. However, I would have a harder time betting against Mahomes. There are so many weapons in this game.
  2. Heads -103. I wanted Tails, but Mike took it so let us make it a little friendly competition.
  3. Patrick Mahomes any time TD scorer +280. Mahomes always seems to have insane runs in huge games. I feel like he gets a nice run today.
  4. Last play of the game to be a kneel NO. +140. I am hoping it is a close enough game to where the Bucs have to chuck the ball down field with no time left.
  5. Tyreek Hill over 94.5 yards. He is a freak. I can already picture him toasting the defense and throwing up his signature peace sign.
  6. Patrick Mahomes MVP -105. He is the QB so i have to assume he is going to get a lot of credit. If he throws two TDs to Hill, it still adds to his totals. This is a safe pick, but I am just amazed by Mahomes after being a hater early on in his career.
  7. Scotty Miller over 1.5 catches +140. Two catches feels very low. I know he has three amazing wideouts over him, but he is going to see the field.
  8. Sammy Watkins anytime TD scorer +280. I feel like we are all going to focus on the stars in this game. Then we are going to see Watkins grab an easy Red Zone TD.
  9. Tom Brady interception -158. He has had a good amount of questionable throws that get picked off. It could also come at the end of a half.
  10. Mike Evans over 63.5 yards -110. When Brady throws to him consistently, he really balls out. I think he is the leading WR for the Bucs today.

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