Are You Team Godzilla or Team Kong?

Godzilla vs. Kong, Legendary/Warner Bros. latest entry in the Monsterverse is set to release March 31st. The trailer pits two classic monsters against each other. Social media has been ablaze with memes for both sides, one side claiming their monster would win and the other saying they would stand no chance.

Today, Amazon has released an official Godzilla vs. Kong merch collection.

Team Godzilla

Team Kong

More Merch

Godzilla vs Kong - Official Team Godzilla Neon T-Shirt
Team Godzilla T-shirt

I know a lot of people my age are buying heavy into the King Kong propaganda and thinking that he will win but I’m not buying what they are selling. I have been a Godzilla fan my entire life, I have seen almost all of the Godzilla films so there’s no question I’m rocking with Godzilla. The movie is called Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong is coming into Godzilla’s movie, Godzilla’s not going to let someone into his movie just to beat him.

But that’s just me, I want to hear what side you are on. Leave a comment on this post or tweet us @OutcastIsland1 and use the hashtags #TeamGodzilla or #TeamKong and #outcastisland.

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