Bet of the Day: 2-10-21

Mike’s Picks:

I didn’t do awful on my Super Bowl picks. I just went into the game thinking the Chiefs were going to win. I did pretty well on props. Took a few days off just because I put so much into that game.

Bet of the Day:

Pelicans ML -138: The Bulls defense is awful and the Pelicans looked lights out last night. I expect them to roll over the Bulls tonight.

Prop of the Day:

Nicolas Batum 10 and the win +148: Batum averages 10 a game this year. Timberwolves are the worst team in the league and I think he gets his average tonight. Paul George is out again and this should give Batum more looks.

Mike’s Record: 30-21

Chris’s Picks:

I did not do too well on the Super Bowl Props. Hopefully with a few days off, I can bounce back.

Bet of the Day:

Cavs +9.5 vs the Nuggets. -106. I love this Cavs team, and I do not really know why. They have a lot of fight. Sexton hates to lose so I am hoping he has a big game on both sides oof the ball. 10 feels like a lot to cover. I am going out on a limb for this one.

Prop of the Day:

Zion Williamson 25/win vs the Bulls +250. The Bulls have bee terrible against opposing PF/C. Zion went from being extremely hyped up to hardly being talked about. He is having a great season.

Chris’s Record: 18-20

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