TikTok Love/Hate #2

Welcome to TikTok Love/Hate. This is 2 TikTok’s I loved and 1 I hated.


##godzilla ##kingkong ##godzillavskong ##funny ##fyp ##drip

♬ original sound – dripsongoku

LOVE: I wrote yesterday about how I am on #TeamGodzilla and I just thought that this was really funny. Sometimes things are just so stupid that they become funny and this is one of those times.


if hello kitty is your comfort character don’t worry kitty just took some Miralax!

♬ Duke Nukem diarrhoea attack – Duke

HATE: The invention of the internet is simultaneously the greatest and worst thing to ever happen to the human race. I’m marking this one down in the “worst thing” column.


Reply to @drywallfadez Brother was starving ##christophercolumbus ##history ##manatee ##injoesbasment

♬ Palps Vs Ani Censored – Shawn Gough

LOVE: According to historians, during his travels Christopher Columbus believed that a manatee was a mermaid. Is it possible that Christopher Columbus had sexual relations with a mermaid? The green screen eyes and mouth filter makes everything better.

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