The OutCAST #9 | The Outcast Island Cooking Show

What are we watching, what are we playing, what are we doing, what’s going on? These are the questions answered by “The OutCAST”. Outcast Island is an entertainment and news website and this is our podcast. Hosted by Chris Chew, Stephen Privitera, and Nathan Rodriguez.

In addition to being available on the site, “The OutCAST” is available on the following platforms:

  • Anchor
  • Breaker
  • Google Podcasts
  • Overcast
  • Pocket Casts
  • RadioPublic
  • Spotify

The OutCAST #9:

Seeing as we are in the middle of a pandemic, making live action content is not as easy as we would like to be. Making any type of content right now is not as easy as we would like it to be, we live in a very strange time. Hopefully by spring we should be up and running at full speed, right now we are in the middle of a transitional period but we are working through it. In the future, we plan on reviving our cooking show ‘Cooking With Chris’ and doing more episodes of ‘Outcast Nacho Reviews’. We talked about food a lot in this episode, just thinking about it is making me hungry. 

Also, watch ‘I Care a Lot’ and let us know what you think. Chris said it was terrible.

New episodes every week! Thanks for listening.

The OutCAST #9

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