Pokémon We Could Beat Up #22

This is Pokémon We Could Beat Up #22

This is a bi-weekly column from Chris and I where we go through the National Pokédex and talk about whether we could beat each Pokémon in a fight.


111. Rhyhorn

Height: 3’03”

Weight: 253.5 lbs.


STEVE: I’m guessing that a Rhyhorn is supposed to be the equivalent of a rhino, I mean the name and the look are spot on. 250+ pounds charging right at me? I’m okay, thanks. L.

112. Rhydon

Height: 6’03”

Weight: 264.6 lbs.


STEVE: Take that rhino, stand it up on two feet and add three feet of height. This is what I’m dealing with. Can we go back to Caterpie? L.

113. Chansey

Height: 3’07”

Weight: 76.3 lbs.


STEVE: Looking at the height and weight and reading about Chansey I think I can win with almost zero effort. Finally, a win. W.

114. Tangela

Height: 3’03”

Weight: 77.2 lbs.


STEVE: What is Tangela supposed to even be. A pile of vines with shoes? Yawn. W.

115. Kangaskhan

Height: 7’03”

Weight: 176.4 lbs.


STEVE: Kangaskhan is 7 foot tall, I’m not sure some of you realize how big that really is. Never come between a mother and her baby. L.



STEVE: I can see myself taking home 2 victories today and y’know at this point I’ll take all that I can get. 2-3.

New fights every Monday and Friday 5:00 PM EST. Gotta beat em’ all.

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