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A For Anime #09 | A Silent Voice

Episode 09: I thought about making the description blank because deaf people y’know. All jokes aside, ‘A Silent Voice’ is a masterpiece. That word should never be used inappropriately and is only reserved for moments like this. If you haven’t seen it, please do so. Stop reading this and put it on. Next week’s film is ‘I want to eat your pancreas’.

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A For Anime #10 | I want to eat your pancreas

Episode 10: Wow. I never thought it would happen. One of us forgot to watch the movie. Looking at you, Nick. It’s okay though because Steve and Mike watched it. This is a perfect case of never judge a book by its cover, or perhaps I should say never judge a movie by its title. What is with us watching all these romantic movies? Have we forgotten about action, have we grown soft? The answer to your question is no, because next week’s movie is…drumroll please…’Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone’.

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The OutCAST #9 | The Outcast Island Cooking Show

Seeing as we are in the middle of a pandemic, making live action content is not as easy as we would like to be. Making any type of content right now is not as easy as we would like it to be, we live in a very strange time. Hopefully by spring we should be up and running at full speed, right now we are in the middle of a transitional period but we are working through it. In the future, we plan on reviving our cooking show ‘Cooking With Chris’ and doing more episodes of ‘Outcast Nacho Reviews’. We talked about food a lot in this episode, just thinking about it is making me hungry.

Also, watch ‘I Care a Lot’ and let us know what you think. Chris said it was terrible.

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The OutCAST #8 | Opportunity Be Knocking

As Action Bronson once said: Uh, opportunity be knocking, Let a motherfucker in, Opportunity be knocking, you gotta let a motherfucker in.

Times are changing, we are growing up and starting our careers. That doesn’t mean that Outcast Island, but it may be difficult at first trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance. But instead of life it’s growing our community and putting out the best content we can. That’s what this is all about, growing the community and making content we enjoy. That’s what we set out to do and I think in all honesty we are doing a pretty good job at it. Our community is growing by the day and we want to thank each and every one of you for coming on this journey with us, we couldn’t do any of this without you.

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A For Anime #08 | Nintendo Direct & My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

Episode 08: There was a Nintendo Direct this past week and we felt that it would be fun to watch it and record our reactions to all the announcements. All we have to say is June 25th can not get here soon enough, we are eagerly anticipating ‘Mario Golf: Super Rush’ We also talk about ‘My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising’ which was our movie of the week. Next week’s movie is ‘A Silent Voice’.

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