Ranking Minute Maid Juices

I am new to the Minute Maid scene, but I trust my opinion on ranking these juices. I drink them so frequently that I have probably consumed enough to satisfy an entire family for a year. They hardly last a day at this point. The best thing about them is that I have bought them for just a dollar at the grocery store. For my rankings, I will only be ranking the twelve punches and lemonades that they sell in the half gallons. I don’t mess with that orange juice.

12. Watermelon

I do not think I need to make many arguments for why this is last on my list. I really do not like anything that is watermelon flavored. The artificial flavoring is overwhelming and makes me sick. I have never met anyone who like watermelon juice, and I do not think I will anytime soon.

11. Mango Punch

This is also another flavor that I am not fond of. Mango is just not a flavor that I enjoy drinking, It is also mixed with pineapple and pear. That is a very odd combination. Over my years of drinking juice, I have never been big on juices that are orange. The combinations are always odd.

10. Peach Punch

I have this one as ten only because it is the only one I have not tried. However, it is also a lot of flavors I do not like. Peaches themselves are an elite fruit, but who drinks peach juice?

9. Strawberry Kiwi

When I was a kid, this would have been in my top 3. Things have changed. There was a point where I would have strawberry kiwi Snapple all the time. It completely spoiled the entire flavor for me. That is how it is for a lot of artificial strawberry flavors. You will see that on my list.

8. Strawberry Lemonade

I love lemonade, but adding the strawberry really ruins it for me. The strawberry takes up too much of the flavor. Some people may call me crazy, but strawberries ruin lemonade. It makes it way to sweet. Also, like I have said before, artificial strawberry is not the best. It never tastes like real strawberry. A few glasses and you’re sick to your stomach.

7. Blueberry Lemonade

This may be the most underrated on my list. I may have a small bias because I live close to the Blueberry Capital of the World, but this juice is fantastic. The mix between the blueberry and lemonade makes a fantastic combination.

6. Tropical Punch

This is another juice that I have had around the house very frequently. I really enjoy the mix of pineapple, grape, and orange. It may seem like an odd combination, but the sweetness and bitterness mix very well. Grape juice is known to have a strong and bitter flavor. It is like having sweet and savory.

5. Berry Punch

This is one of my favorites because I love berries so all of juices combined is really solid. This is different because it does not have pineapple, apples, or any of the other combinations. I really love red juices. They really hit different.

4. Pink Lemonade

This was very hard to keep out of my top three. I just think it is impossible to keep the OG Fruit Punch out of the top 3. Pink lemonade is a classic, and it will be respected as such. Pink Lemonade speaks for itself.

3. Fruit Punch

I am not a big fruit punch guy. But this hits different. I have seen people on twitter talk about how it is hard to get this juice through the front door. That is how good it is.

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2. Lemonade

When have you ever had a bad lemonade? I will answer that for you. Never. The good ol’ fashion lemonade is a classic. This is another carton that does not last more than a few hours. Nothing is better than a cold glass of lemonade in the summer.

  1. Grape Punch

This is the most elite drink I have ever had in my entire life. There is nothing that compares. I has the perfect combination of fruits to make a phenomenal flavor. Everyone who tries this juice at my house loves it. I have such a bad addiction that it made me write this article. I have finished cartons of this at record speeds. I have bought 4-5 cartons at a time. They just disappear so quickly.

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