TikTok Love/Hate #1

Welcome to TikTok Love/Hate. I am on TikTok every single day and I see a lot of things I genuinely enjoy, and a lot of stuff I absolutely never want to see again. This is 2 TikTok’s I hated and 1 I loved.

HATE: I’m sorry for that one, but I know if I prefaced it with a message you might have not watched it. How is that allowed on TikTok? That is one of the most vile things I have ever seen. And now you’ve seen it, so you share my pain.


What animal do I look like in this 😭😂?! @bryanduran100 #prankster #prankwars #test #couplegoals #couple

♬ original sound – Aliyahmarie

HATE: Do you ever watch something and get irrationally angry? And then you look at how many likes it has and you get even angrier, and then you are asking yourself how thousands of people could collectively watch it and proceed to “like” it. The cherry on top of all that I was one of the people who liked the video so I could have it saved somewhere so I could easy embed it into this post.

LOVE: There are more than a handful of rappers on TikTok but @hungrymanab is my favorite out of all of them. All of his raps are about food and his lines are so clever you need to listen to them a few times to fully grasp the genius of his wordplay. I’ve seen videos that were way more popular than some of his that were done by creators with a fraction of his talent. Please check this guy out, he’s a great follow.

That’s going to be it for today, I truly believe TikTok is a great platform, sometimes you just have to sift through loads of garbage before you strike gold.

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